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Highlights from the season finale of The League of Composers

Recording concerts and performances is such a treat! Of course, a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes, but the tension and pressure to make sure we are capturing the live performance as best we can soon dissipate, and when the editing is complete, being able to sit back and enjoy the music and musicianship is priceless. The League of Composers held their  Season Finale Concert in New York City this June, including two world premieres, and performances by world-class soloists as well as the critically acclaimed Orchestra of the League themselves. See the short highlights video on our youtube channel.

Orchestra of the League of Composers conducted by Louis Karchin, with soloist Liang Wang performing a new oboe concerto by Wang Jie. Carrie Leonard Photography.
Do we make music videos? Oh yes!!

Do we make music videos? Oh yes!!

We’ve been busy this summer working on our documentary, expanding our network, recording concerts (which you’ll soon get a glimpse of here)… so we neglected to share this high tempo music video. The Lord Calverts are letting the world know they are back and rocking again, with this music video for their new track “9600 Reasons”. It was a lot of fun shooting and editing this one, with noted indie film and TV producer Leland Krane. The band apparently loved it, so do the fans. You can see the video on our portfolio page and our youtube channel. There is another music video in the works, which we can’t wait to share as soon as we’re done with post-production.